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I do ART

MJ Koza...

...Fine Art by a Regular Person


I "do art" because that is how I think, how I feel and how I see.

All the time. Every day.          

Portraits, still life, landscapes, even the occasional abstract.    

It all fascinates me.  

"Recently, I’ve become aware that my true focus in painting is color.


I’m fascinated by color in all its combinations – sometimes with its complexity but just as often with its simplicity. The  color of the shadow just below an eyebrow… or the warmth of the reflection in a window.


Throughout my many years of painting, the subject matter has alternately served as the vehicle for demonstrating color in one painting and the instigator of the color conversation in another.


When seeing something, especially for the first time, I love how the

slightest shift in color  can change its entire impact. it is absolutely

wonderful... very often frustrating... and truly delicious."



Self-Portrait, oil on canvas, c. 2010 - Private Collection

Michael J. Koza is a largely self-taught artist who was raised in Manchester, NH.

He now lives, paints, cycles, and thrives in Asheville, North Carolina,

surrounded by some of the best craft breweries in the country

and the truly majestic Blue Ridge Mountains.